Moi! We are a young and confident web consultancy

proudly based in Helsinki - the heart of Finland

Do you want to save time and resources on your web project? Contact us!

Why us?

  • We understand your problem: We won't start any project before making sure that we understand the very core problem of your request, so we can tailor the most cost-effective solution for it.
  • Save your time (and a lot money): In SudoInteractive we know that your time is precious and we do our best to save it for you, doesn't matter if it's meeting time or development time.
  • Awesome support: We believe that finishing a project is just half the job, the other half is supporting. That's why we put a lot of effort to polish our support team.
  • Fast response: Have you ever heard of 24-hour-email-response-policy? Yes we have that policy. All your requests will be replied before you even know it.
  • Up-to-date technologies: Wanna have newest technologies for your project? HTML5? CSS3? NodeJS? You don't even have to think about it. We update our knowledge daily so you can rest assured we have the latest and most suitable solutions for you.
  • 100% our customers recommend us: No kidding, we are improving ourselves everyday to keep that number absolute 100%.

Our skills

HTML + CSS (including HTML5 + CSS3)

JavaScript (including jQuery)

Python (including Django, Pyramid, Flask)

PHP (including Wordpress, Drupal)

Database (including MySQL, PostgreSQL)

Our customers

SudoInteractive has been the trusted consultancy of many well-known brands

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